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Urgent Data Requests

URGENT DATA REQUEST (UDR) is a service to help participants quickly find information that they could not find by searching the GIDEP database and after exhausting all other possible sources. UDR is subdivided into two major categories: Source of Supply and Request for Information . The UDR-Source of Supply (SOS) permits GIDEP members, having part availability problems, to rapidly query the GIDEP community for sources of supply. The UDR-Request for Information (RFI) permits GIDEP members, having technical problems, to rapidly query the GIDEP community for technical data or other information regarding a specific product or service.

Both types of UDRs are entered into the GIDEP database and immediately emailed to all interested participants. Responses are provided directly to the member originating the request and are stored with the associated request for future reference by other members.


If you have any information pertaining to any request, please respond via the link to the on-line response form provided with each UDR. The form will also ask for contact information.

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