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Training Opportunities

Quarterly Training

If you opt to join the program and would like training in a small group, GIDEP offers Quarterly Training at the GIDEP Operations Center.
Quarterly Training sessions are one day events that provide an overview of the program and computer training on the GIDEP web sites.

Web Based Training

GIDEP Web Based Training Modules give insight into the GIDEP program, types of data, and products and services. Each of these short courses focuses on a particular subject. Select training modules are available for public viewing and the complete set can be accessed on the GIDEP Members' site.

GIDEP Clinic

Clinics are typically designed with the new GIDEP Representative in mind to learn about the program and how to set up GIDEP at their company/organization. The Clinic may also be beneficial for established GIDEP members to touch base with new and upcoming program initiatives. Clinics are held annually. Check the Clinic page for the actual dates/location of the upcoming Clinic. Attendance is open to registered GIDEP participants.

The GIDEP Clinic gives the opportunity for registered participants to cover the following:

See the GIDEP Calendar for the next Clinic.


GIDEP Regional Outreach Workshops (GROWs) are hosted by participants (with assistance from GIDEP) at their own work place. This gives registered and potential participants in the immediate area the opportunity to learn more about GIDEP without having to travel great distances for additional GIDEP training. The training is done via an on-line meeting service using the internet. See the GIDEP Calendar for GROWs scheduled in your area and any attendance restrictions.

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