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Joining GIDEP: Membership Requirements

Participation Guidelines

Any organization that meets one of the following criteria may become a GIDEP member:

The GIDEP Operations Manual provides guidance for participation in the program, reporting requirements, and procedures for the exchange of reports, data and information. The manual is shown as a best management practice in the DoD Deskbook.

Participation Requirements

Each organization must designate a GIDEP Representative who will

Two basic requirements to retain GIDEP membership are having an active GIDEP Representative and submitting an annual Utilization Report.


GIDEP members are not subject to any fees or assessments from GIDEP. Participating members are responsible for their own in-house costs, including labor, equipment, and Internet access.

How To Join

An organization which meets the criteria under Participation Guidelines and agrees to GIDEP Terms & Conditions and Information Security Policy may apply for membership.

To begin the GIDEP Application process, all applicants

Applicants who are applying as the organization's GIDEP Representative must able to provide the name, phone number and email address of the organization's Authorizing Official. An Authorizing Official is typically an executive or manager that has responsibility for or directs the applicant's work actions and has authority to confirm the organization's commitment to abide by the GIDEP Participation Requirements.

Applicants who are applying as a GIDEP User must be an employee of an organization having active GIDEP membership and an active GIDEP Representative who will accept and approve access to GIDEP Information for use within the organization.

A U.S. or Canadian industrial organization that does not have an active GIDEP membership at another division must provide Proof of Business (i.e. copy of government contract or copy of purchase order with Government Contractor) with the U.S. or Canadian Government. The Proof of Business must contain the organization's name and address, and the government agency's or government contractor's name and address. The documentation, preferably in PDF format and no more than 5MB in size, can be submitted within the Online Membership Application or emailed to the GIDEP Help Desk.

Once the application has been approved by the Authorizing Official or the organization's GIDEP representative, the GIDEP Operations Center will review the information. Once the GIDEP Operations Center approves membership, all applicants will receive information on how to sign on and agree to Information Security Policy in order to fully activate GIDEP membership.

For an overview of the GIDEP on-line membership application process, see the Applying for Membership video. Additional information may also be obtained by contacting the GIDEP Help Desk or by looking at the FAQ section.

(To ensure that we can reach you regarding your application, please be sure the
email address ROSTER@GIDEP.ORG is not quarantined as spam.)

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