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Information Security Policy

June 2009

Purpose: To make known general Information Systems (IS) security guidelines for accessing GIDEP information via the internet to U. S. Government IS resources.

Scope: These procedures set forth the basic security protocol for signing-on, signing-off and general use of the host computer system. These security guidelines are based on security policy set forth in DoD Instruction 8510.01. Access to GIDEP information is controlled through a series of good operating practices and privileged passwords assigned to authorized users. Misuse of passwords and the access obtained by their usage can result in denial of further GIDEP usage and possible penalties under 18 USC 1905 and other applicable statutory regulations.

Password Control: The GIDEP representative for each participating activity will submit a GIDEP Online Application form for each new user to the GIDEP Operations Center. The GIDEP Operations Center will issue a temporary password for each new user. This password must be changed by the user before accessing the GIDEP database. The password should be changed at three to six month intervals, but no longer than six months, or anytime actual or suspected compromise of the password has occurred. When the user resigns, has been terminated, transfers, or has no further authorized use for his/her passwords, immediately notify the GIDEP Operations Center Help Desk.

Data Management: Do not process classified information. Protect all GIDEP information (hard copy and electronic media) from unauthorized disclosure. If in doubt about proper security procedures, please contact your security manager and/or the GIDEP Operations Center for further assistance or information.

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