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Reliability and Maintainability Data


The GIDEP R&M Data mostly contains technical reports on various reliability concepts, theories, methods and practical engineering tools for making reliability decisions. It also includes R&M information on some parts, subsystems and systems based on operational field performance data, accelerated laboratory life testing, and R&M demonstration tests. In addition to electronics, the database also includes R&M information on mechanical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic items. GIDEP also has some data on commercial products.

R&M data is divided into four categories:

The GIDEP database does not contain classified data.


The GIDEP R&M information available can help improve organizational R&M efficiency to help conserve valuable labor resource by eliminating duplicative efforts, and contribute positively to cost avoidance.

Submitting Data

Anyone (even nonparticipants), can submit R&M data. If you have any R&M related reports submit them to GIDEP to be included to the database. Electronic submission by email is preferred.

Reliability and Maintainability Related FAQ

Q: How Is The R&M Data Stored?
Q: Is there a specific GIDEP form for R&M data submittals?

Q: How Is The R&M Data Stored?
A: Documents dated:

Q: Is there a specific GIDEP form for R&M data submittals?
A: There is no form for submitting GIDEP R&M data report.

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