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Product Information Data


GIDEP Product Information Data (PID) contains notices on parts, components and materials for which the attributes have been changed by the manufacturer. This page addresses the following two PID types: Product Change Notices (PCN) and Product Information Notices (PIN). (See also DMSMS notices)

Product Change Notices are manufacturers' notice changes to their customers that affect the form, fit, function or reliability of the products. Some examples for types of changes that manufacturers have reported to GIDEP include:

Most manufacturers use PCNs to communicate any changes to their customers. In rare cases, however, manufacturers use PINs to report information out to the GIDEP community. This could include (but not limited to):

Under no circumstances can the information being presented to be construed as advertising. The information must be of general interest to the GIDEP community.


GIDEP Product Information Data are used to inform product users of changes in technical characteristics or parameters in items/materials. These notices provide advanced notice of product changes in order to allow the GIDEP members lead time to make decision among using alternate source or redesigning affects components of a system.

Submitting Data

Most Product Information data is obtained from the manufacturer, their authorized distributor, and via internal data mining. Some information is sent by GIDEP participants. A manufacturer does not have to be a member of GIDEP to submit data to the program. In fact, GIDEP welcomes and encourages the submission of Product Information data by nonparticipating companies (as long as they are reports on themselves) by email to

Product Information Related FAQ

Q: Where does the information come from?
Q: How do I submit PID data?
Q: How is the PID data stored?

Q: Where does the information come from?
A: Approximately 100 suppliers and Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs) submit most of GIDEP PID data.

Q: How do I submit PID data?
A: : There are two ways you can submit Product Information Data. Preferred is for you to use the template forms which are available off the GIDEP membership site and then submit them electronically. The form templates greatly simplify the generation of PID notices, and electronic submittal of reports assist the GIDEP Operations Center during processing of reports, speeds up processing and reduces the cost of operating the GIDEP database. Alternately, you can email copies of the manufacturers notices electronically to GIDEP.

Q: How is the PID data stored?
A: The data is stored as part records as well as a pdf file of the actual Product Change Notice. Users can download the pdf file or create reports of the parts associated with the change.

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