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Utilization Reporting

Why Is It Necessary?

Since GIDEP is FREE to participants, utilization reporting justifies the funding of GIDEP and is used as a measure of it effectiveness. In addition, these reports give sponsoring agencies insight into how GIDEP has benefitted them and their programs and systems.
Utilization reporting also provides a means of validating the data we share, allowing the Program Management Team a method of evaluating the types of data being used within the GIDEP system.

Who Reports?

Any user of the GIDEP information system is required to report (see Operations Manual Chapter 5) the value of documents used and the impact they had on their equipment or process.

Users can report:

Each Representative is responsible for ensuring that all the users in their organization complete the utilization reporting cycle.
Non-submittals: All users in the participating company/agency will have access to GIDEP suspended.

What's In a Utilization Report?

Utilization reporting focuses on any unplanned expenditures avoided by the participant due to their membership in GIDEP.
Just ask yourself this question: "What could have been the outcome if you didn't have GIDEP as a data source?" The answer may range in terms of cost avoidance dollars to simply additional product quality.

Additional guidelines for reporting are provided to registered participants to assist in the process.

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